Spexigon is the first-of-its-kind FLY TO EARN (F2E) platform that enables drone pilots to earn rewards for collecting aerial imagery.
Spexigon also enables organizations to quickly and easily access high-resolution aerial imagery to better monitor buildings, infrastructure, natural resources, and more without needing to own drones or hire pilots.
The platform’s goal is to collect aerial imagery at scale to power better decision-making by organizations large and small while rewarding pilots who regularly collect imagery around the world.
Spexi means “To observe, watch, look at” in Latin. Combining Spexi with the word “hexagon” we get Spexigon. As detailed by Uber’s H3 protocol, hexagons are good for partitioning areas of the Earth into identifiable grid cells to visualize and explore spatial data. Another way to think of Spexigons is as “spatial hexagons” due to their three-dimensional nature.
Visual representation of a sub-250g drone flying and capturing imagery within a three dimensional hexagaon (a.k.a Spexigon).
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