Design and Functionality

Spexigons are hexagonal zones that overlay the earth where imagery needs to be collected. Each Spexigon contains flight plan information that the drones use (when paired with the Spexigon mobile app) to ensure they fly at the correct height, speed, and location to capture the best imagery possible.
When pilots arrive in the area where they wish to fly, all they need to do is open the Spexigon mobile app on their phone, connect to their drone, and then tap the GO FLY button to automatically fly and capture the Spexigon.
The Spexigon system serves as a method of standardization. The capture process is the most challenging aspect of working with high-resolution drone imagery. By standardizing this process, ensuring it is the same everywhere on Earth, and combining it with an incentive model, the Spexigon platform will capture imagery similar to how satellites capture imagery from space but at a higher image resolution and over precise areas.
An early prototype of the Spexigon web app and explorer.
Spexigons can be opened for collection or locked by the Spexi team, depending on the road map and when new areas are ready to fly.
Individual Spexigons or groups of Spexigons will also be able to be tasked (lit up so pilots know they need to be flown) if data buyers need more recent or frequent imagery of a given area.