Spexigon Testnet


Spexigon will launch its testnet in a limited number of cities and geographies to ensure the platform is thoroughly tested and feedback is collected from our pilot community before a larger rollout.
The Spexigon testnet has three main goals:
  • Launch a mobile and web app that allows pilots to fly Spexigons and upload imagery, allowing data buyers to interact with the imagery API.
  • Show traction in the form of pilots downloading the Spexigon mobile app and successfully flying Spexigons in return for Reputation Points and, in some cases, cash payments.
  • Show traction through data buyers signing LOIs, making initial purchases, and partner developer companies using the Spexigon imagery API.
Pilots in testnet will be required to connect their Web3 wallets to the Spexigon platform to start flying and capturing Spexigons.
All pilots will earn Reputation Points for Spexigon capture representing their Reputation Score (more details in the Crypto Economics section below).
In some areas, and for a limited time, vetted pilots may earn cash to fly, collect imagery, and help test the mobile app, web app, and imagery upload process. In addition to helping us rigorously test the platform, paid pilots will also be expected to provide extensive feedback on all aspects of the platform and flying experience so that we can improve the system before we officially launch the Spexigon network (aka Mainnet).
Pilots can apply to be paid in cash once in the Private and Public Beta Testnet phases. More information on cash payment eligibility will be available as the Beta Testnet phases get closer.