The Big Picture

Our vision is to power better decision-making by helping people see the Earth and everything on it more clearly, from anywhere.
Today, organizations in almost every industry must rapidly make complex decisions about real-world assets. To do that, they need up-to-date data - in this case, recently captured high-resolution aerial imagery.
The problem is that the easiest imagery to access is often low resolution and out of date, in some cases by years.
Spexigon’s goal is to change that by democratizing access to high-resolution Earth imagery.
It is our belief that by enabling drone owners to easily capture and contribute Earth imagery and then making that imagery widely available, we’ll usher in a step change across multiple industries and drive more effective decisions that will benefit us all.
For example, we can save fuel and reduce carbon emissions by avoiding sending people into the field to inspect buildings and infrastructure. We can help prevent forest fires by identifying areas of dry forest fuels that need to be cleaned up surrounding cities. We can also help cities run more efficiently, reduce waste, and use less energy by enabling multiple municipal departments to make more accurate decisions about resource deployment. Better data on building envelopes can also lead to lower insurance costs.
We aim to help the world better care for our limited resources and sensitive ecosystems. The ability to see natural resources, buildings, infrastructure, or utilities to make clear and efficient decisions about how best to manage them is vital. Spexigon is leading this charge.