Crypto Economics

When the Spexigon test network launches, pilots will be able to earn points for collecting & uploading imagery to the platform.
Spexigon is currently considering adopting a rewards-based model where pilots might earn utility tokens that would be redeemable or used as consideration for goods and services offered on the Spexigon platform in the future, and it is possible that such utility tokens (when and if issued) may have a value on the open market.
If and when the company adopts a utility token rewards model and the market establishes a price for the utility token, the intention is that pilots will be able to use the app to see open Spexigons (hexagonal zones on a map) in their area that are ready to be flown & their value in terms of utility token rewards.
If the utility token rewards model is adopted by the platform, it is currently intended that a pilot's reward earning potential will depend on the time they have to fly Spexigons, the number of open Spexigons in their area, and how often the platform needs those Spexigons to be flown.
More clarification to come here as the team behind Spexigon (Spexi Geospatial Inc.) continues to work diligently with legal counsel regarding the changing crypto regulatory landscape.
The tax and other treatment of the awards under applicable law will be subject to additional details and information to be provided to you.
Last modified 1mo ago